26 June 2013

26June - holiday closing hours
we will be closed from tuesday july 2nd, for two whole weeks, and re-opening on tuesday, july the 16th.

in the meantime i recommend you pour yourself a glass of something lovely and watch this:

07 June 2013

07June- not a huge haul...

...but some interesting stuff here.
i'm most curious about that saint-peray 100% marsanne from the rhone valley.
and that beer is a fun, hard-to-describe almost amalgam of like a wheat style, a blonde, a pale ale, and a saison. peculiar but delicious.
also this week we'll be rolling out a random white wine option.
much like (exactly like, really) the random rose option that we've been doing for a while, this will be an opportunity to try different, interesting, often somewhat obscure grapes and or styles. now, you won't have any input on what you receive so it is a bit of a leap of faith but i'll taste each bottle before serving just to make sure that it's baan-worthy. like the random rose, this will always be a bit of a deal as i'm really sort of using this as an excuse to open something for myself.
also, if someone comes in and doesn't bother to look at the menu but simply says, "i'll take the house white" we'll finally have something to pour without having to explain that we don't have one. admittedly, there's the possibility that it will end up being something of an unappreciated reward for a potentially uninterested audience but if we can raise at least one person's eyebrows at a higher quality selection when they're accustomed to a broad-stroke and mass-appeal wine and this gets them to start investigating higher quality wines then i'll be happy.
but, at the end of the day, it should result in there being at least a glass available of something i really want to drink and that's all right with me.