22 February 2013

22feb- if there's one thing i know...

 ...it's that tonight i'm going to open that rose from vaucluse. if there are two things i know it's that i'm going to drink some of it. 
...that's about as far ahead as i've thought.

and we're starting to audition some larger reds to replace the tempranillo so we're going to look at a couple of aglianico tonight. ahh, the barolo of the south, as it has been said.

and this is just a non-sensical picture. never you mind. 

16 February 2013

16feb. good night, baan.

good night, baan sawan.
good night, Jennifer's bat signal.
good night, t-rex.
good night, delicious wine.
good night, oven cooling from cooking Alex's amazing wild boar ribs.
good night, missing pen that i like.
good night, bottle of open la chouffe that i'll probably take home.
good night, empty chairs that recently supported happy customers.
good night, tree cow.
good night, cabernet.
good night, satay,
good night, rosé.

15 February 2013

15Feb- finally, a pouilly-fuisse will make us look classy.

also, regarding yesterday, thanks to everyone who chose (and planned ahead) to share their evening with us last night.
we really appreciate it!
and, as you will have probably guessed, tonight and saturday night will most likely be packed with people cleverly avoiding valentine's day's crowds while simultaneously and ironically causing a bottle-neck similar to the one they sought to avoid. 
how o. henry. 
i mention it merely as a caution. 

09 February 2013

09feb- oh, right. that valentine's day business.
In order to maximize efficiency, 14 February is the only day of the year we take reservations, and seating will be by reservation only. To ensure an intimate and quiet atmosphere, reservations will be accepted only for parties of four or fewer, and only for guests aged 18 and over. We will NOT be accepting reservations for the weekend.

To avoid the blanket reservations/no-call no-shows that sometimes occur we'll be asking for your credit card number to hold your reservation. If you need to cancel your reservation please call before Thursday. Any reservations cancelled the day of will result in a $25 fee charged to your card. Similarly, should you not arrive at all the same fee will be charged.

Thank you very much, and we look forward to seeing you!

Happy Valentine's Day!
09feb- the important thing for me to remember...

is that these are supposed to be available to all of you.
i can't just drag them into my tree like a leopard.

also, we're going to run that la chouffe by the 6oz pour, which worked out pretty well last night. that dry lambrusco on the far right is going to be a bit of a challenge but i've been surprised before. it's just that i think it works so well with the food.