24 May 2013

24may - yet more pink wine

an apparent never ending supply of the dry, rosy wine that pleases me so.
so far in the last four month i'd say, without exaggeration, maybe 50 or 60 different roses have come through our doors, many of which i'd never seen before and some of which won't be available to me again. truly a glorious time. (i'm not entirely discounting the possibility that i'm actually dreaming and when i awake it'll be the early 2000's again and i'll be struggling again to sell pink wine...)
so it's with great satisfaction that i see an acceptance and an embrace of this style of wine that i honestly believe to be one of the most perfect solo sippers and versatile companions to our cuisine.

also, these beers are fun. especially that organic dunkel (like a crisp, elegant xingu. like if xingu had a smarter, wittier, prettier sister who's visiting from germany and you know you shouldn't be interested but xingu knows you're interested. then xingu and you get into a tiff later on as you're cleaning up after the dinner party and xingu is accusing you of flirting with lammsbrau and you say "xingu, are you crazy? come on, i was being polite. lammsbrau was telling a story; i was listening with interest!" but xingu doesn't believe you. then you happen to  see lammsbrau walk into a bookstore and you race in and pretend to run into lammsbrau accidentally. next thing you know it's raining and you and lammsbrau are frothing. now you've had a taste of lammsbrau and you can't get enough but you don't know what to tell xingu and...
wait a minute... i think i'm just thinking of details from several woody allen movies. you know what? never mind. try the lammsbrau.)

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