29 June 2012

29june- new stuff and a reference some of you will get

below is our current by-the-glass wine list displayed in a busby berkeley sort of way

23 June 2012

23june- summer of riesling!

20 June 2012

20june- summer of riesling!!

20June- technically the beginning of 'summer of riesling!

though the menu won't properly reflect the 3 by the glass rieslings until this friday.
but there are plenty of rieslings with which to play in the meantime which you can access by ordering our 'random riesling' menu option.
plus i'm pleased with the level of detail of the wine map of spain that was given to me just today.

15 June 2012

15June- some stuff we're playing with.
with which we're playing, that is to say.

alex's garlic and pepper wild boar ribs which did well enough last night that we don't have anymore right now but we'll play with it again.

and this week's new wines.
i'm particularly excited about the white chateauneuf du pape. 
and since the random beer and the random rose options have been doing so well i'm adding, this week, a random riesling selection to help in our 'summer of riesling' decisions. 

01 June 2012

01june- starting the riesling auditions.

(plenty more to come so don't panic if your distributor isn't represented...)
plus what promises to be a pretty pinot rose from the loire.

and just as an aside:
with our menu (and plenty others) if there are multiples of one varietal it's often because they're pretty different from each other. so sometimes, if one isn't available, the wisest course may be to ask what's most like the one you want since the most similar in style/spirit may not be the next one on the list.
just a thought. not a steadfast rule out there in the world but certainly one here and especially when it comes to rieslings and pinot noirs and roses.