27 April 2012

27april- credit card machine woes.
so everyone knows, last night lightning struck a tree just behind the restaurant rendering several machines unusable. unfortunately, our credit card machine was one of those machines.
so tonight, if you're planning on coming in, be prepared to pay either in cash or by using out iphone card swiper thing, which frustratingly only lets you tip in the amounts it suggests and not your own number. not a big deal but something to think about.
on the plus side, we'll be getting a new machine tomorrow at which time everything will be sunshine and lollipops again. credit card machine-wise.

13 April 2012

13April- new stuff for this week.

here are some of the new things for this week.
i'm particularly glad to see that avril belgian farmhouse back. just a delightful, light, bready, and refreshing beer.
we're also going to run a new rueda by the glass that's got some nice tangerine/orange rind-y sort of notes to the nose, firm mouthfeel, with some nice acid and mineral on the finish. very spanish. very easy-going.
and, for fun, i've got a 2005 vin santo i'll probably want an excuse to open.
pricy little guy but it should be more than delicious.

i probably shouldn't even mention it but just in case anyone has a determined yen for a 7 year old italian dessert wine i happen to have one.