24 February 2012

24Feb- hm. that anjou is blinking...

17 February 2012

17feb- not a lot of new stuff this week

i'm particularly excited about the 100% roussanne chave st joseph blanc and the arneis. but i'm also particularly excited about the inexpensive rose of syrah almost as much as i am about the sparkling pinot noir rose.
...and i'm especially excited that the new vintage of roses should be coming out soon...

14 February 2012

14Feb- it's valentine's day!

so remember it's reservation only tonight.
we've still got a couple of reservations open if you're interested if you want to call.

10 February 2012

10feb- my, what lovely petals...

once again there's too much for the single page so, for this next week, i'm going to try a possibly clutter-y addition to the menu just to cover more inventory ground.
we'll see.
in the meantime, here are some of the boozy things nestled safely in the fridges down here at the thai food store. they patiently await consumption, by either you or me. (one of those bottles is in dreadful risk of personal consumption sooner than later...)

09 February 2012

09feb- tonight...
tonight this brick house les dijonanais 2009 (after having been opened since 4:00) is the wind beneath my wings.
this the first drink of water in the morning.
this is a first, highly anticipated kiss.
this is the warmth of a lover's hug.
this is slowly walking into a pool when the water is just the perfect temperature.
this is sliding on your favorite pair of sunglasses, the pair in which you know you look amazing and you've come to love the feeling of the sunglasses's arms sliding against your temples.
this is the cool side of the pillow.

08 February 2012

08feb- oh right. valentine's day.

that is the only day of the year that we do take reservations so if anybody is interested in that sort of thing give us a call. we'll need a credit card to hold a reservation and there's a $25 penalty for a no call/no show.
just so you know.

03 February 2012

03feb- new stuff for tonight.

i'm still waiting on a new belgium pils that should be here by now.
and i'm particularly eager to try that 2008 bordeaux blanc and the '07 "leland" single-vineyard pinot noir from erath.

03feb- hmm... maybe for mimosas, too...

it is orange soda, after all.
this is a new flavor of theirs which, if you're familiar with their original aranciata, is a little sweeter and richer.
i dig it.

01 February 2012

01Feb-beheaded for your eating pleasure



it is my wish that everyone gets an opportunity to try these.
as that is impossible, barring some miracle of messianic proportions, i will reluctantly settle on trying them myself and sending tastes out to customers, when appropriate. when the situation is appropriate, that is, not necessarily the customers. scratch that. when both are appropriate.