19 October 2012

19oct - a sonnet for friday

i had a bit of time to spare today
as all the booze deliveries were quick.
so here's a sonnet that will help display
the beer and wines from which you all might pick.

two chards, such worlds apart, that show terroir
two pinots, too, that speak of soily place.
cab francs: a. pure chinon. b. blend bizarre.
and a willamette valley, just in case.

an abbey ale that's in the tripel style
will ease onto the menu just for you.
and us, of course. this beer is so worthwhile
i'd recommend this beer you not eschew.

and also there's much more in terms of wine
the single sheet of menu can't confine.

this is kind of how i feel about that domaine grobois chinon

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