24 August 2012

24Aug- new wines and beers for this week
in which i suddenly remember that we have a blogspot that needed updating.

So it's still summer of riesling! whoohoo!! hoot! ...woo...hm...
yeah, so maybe the response to summer of riesling hasn't been as effusive as i'd hoped but we still have plenty of rieslings to try and new ones coming in every week.
And, as always, there are new roses.
I'm really enjoying this moulin-a-vent, which will replace the morgon we've had on the menu for a while now.
the hitachino white ale is back and is joined by another (distinctly different) white ale that's in a nice, big can.
and, because it's approaching the end of august and soon we'll be in autumn, we've got a pumpkin ale. pleasantly, sessionably pumpkiny.
and also, because this happened to be playing while i was writing this:

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