27 July 2012

27july- new items

you know, i could tell you what's going on here but you're all smart. you can figure it out. 

20 July 2012

20July- wines and beer in tonal order

here's some of the new wine and beer business we're insisting on everyone. 3 new beers (i've been lazy on the beer front on account of getting all distracted by the Summer of Riesling that is still going on, by the way. plenty of new rieslings.) and, yes, that's the awesome and powerful dragon's milk at the end. 
once again i've arranged the bottles in tonal order.

for those, if any, of you who want to get a better look without the musical interlude:

look at the light coming through that gorgeous blue bottle from the nahe. and those cute little roses. lining up my pretties like this every week makes me happy, even knowing how sort of creepy it is calling wine bottles "my pretties."

13 July 2012

13July - have i mentioned that it's the summer of riesling?

in the spirit of the continuing summer of riesling (and also in the spirit of trying to order enough to get what i actually needed delivered from several companies) we've got a bunch of new rieslings to try!
the german ones on the left are arranged in the order of their amtiche prufungsummer and the wines on the right are arranged in alphabetical order. according to the second letter of their name. not sure why i did it like that.

 also, not tonight, but sometime next week we'll be revisiting this red snapper. we had it last night and it did quite well. why put the picture up now, teasingly, when it might be better served to put it up later on next week when it's actually available?
good question. i'm inscrutable.