15 June 2012

15June- some stuff we're playing with.
with which we're playing, that is to say.

alex's garlic and pepper wild boar ribs which did well enough last night that we don't have anymore right now but we'll play with it again.

and this week's new wines.
i'm particularly excited about the white chateauneuf du pape. 
and since the random beer and the random rose options have been doing so well i'm adding, this week, a random riesling selection to help in our 'summer of riesling' decisions. 


Cat said...

Thanks so much for an excellent dining experience and night. I found your restaurant through another review (blog) & decided to try it. My husband and I are definitely spreading the word! Also, kudos to your wonderful server, Michelle, for telling us about the special. The antelope and beef keow wan was fantastic.

Baan Sawan said...

thanks so much, cat!
it always means a lot to us when our personality works for somebody. and michelle was most pleased at the compliment.
in fact, her text response was:
"XD XD XD yay!! I remember them; they sat at c4 and they were super nice!"
...it took me a while to understand that the xds were smiley faces with shut eyes. and notice her usage of the semi-colon! i love my semi-colon using staff.