02 March 2012

02March- new wine map!

i love wine maps. i was so thrilled when ed got us the french map as, even though i have a passing familiarity with the region it's nice to see it represented in so easy to understand a fashion. so it was especially nice when he sent me the email saying that the same company had done a map for california, which is an up and coming wine region about which, geographically, i'm still trying to learn. i've already used it twice to clarify some labels while i was writing this week's menu.

and i'm so looking forward to that rose of touriga nacional. (look at the way the sun shines through it and gently illuminates the label of the chateau de caladroy from the cotes du rousillon. pretty. i feel like nice, dry roses do that for me: cast a pretty, pink, warm and comforting light on the day.)

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