27 January 2012

27Jan- all my race cars lined up on the carpet

i've gone red mad, for some reason, don't know why. despite the fact that the weather begs for rose and sparkling but, as you may know, i believe all weather begs for those things.
this is a broad line-up that ranges from a light, thirst-quenching mencia from ribeira sacra in spain to a rich, classically bordeaux st emilion grand cru ('00 vintage) and a crazy and spot-on santa maria valley nebbiolo from 2001, which is just now beginning to unfold into quite a nice tar, orange peely, dark cherry impression of piedmont. like watching travolta do clinton in 'primary colors': you know it's not him but, brother, it's believable.
plus a fun japanese amber ale as well as some some potassium and electrolyte-rich coconut water.

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