25 January 2012

25jan- aah...the new vintage...

hello again, friend...teacher...secret lover...

there are two houses in oregon that warm my heart and in whose wines i would happily drown, regretting nothing. the first is eyrie and the second is brick house.
and i'm not even sure which pillar is more important to me here but it isn't only the quality and approach to the wines but also the personal experiences i've had in each of their vineyards. i feel lucky to have experienced the warmth and charm of walking among their vines and talking with the people who pour their souls into the grapes so that we may pour their wine into our glasses. and then into our waiting bellies, of course.
those wonderful memories of eyrie's diana lett, our shadows slowly beginning to lengthen as the sun set, showing me the vines that she and david planted on their honeymoon and of petting that ancient irish setter on the gorgeous leather couch in doug tunnell's understated brick house tasting room in the barn that also serves as their winery.
and then, of course, the wines. both wines, to my palate, evidence of what amazing heights of which oregon is capable. grace, elegance, finesse, but also power and depth and ageability. beautiful and streamlined with an almost severe undercurrent of intelligence. like a young lauren bacall.
god. i want some right now.

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