30 July 2011

30july- baan bombs at baan-in

with scott hall, morihiko nakahara, alex suaudom, marshall white, and sam
with filming and commmentary by ali borchardt and caroline quillen

...ah, saturday baan-ins...

29 July 2011

29july- we've also got a little bit of older bordeaux

if you're into that sort of thing
29July: new stuff by the glass tonight:

super dry, delicate, refreshing (slightly 'spensive) hard apple cider crafted in virginia's blue ridge mountains.
strawberryish, watermelonish, nicely acidic and dry pinot noir rose from oregon.
slightly spicy and rich (but still restrained) merlot/malbec from hawkes bay in the north island of new zealand
all food-friendly.
all fun.
all mine if you don't drink it so... everybody wins.

26 July 2011

what is marshall doing?
he's doing our new baan bomb: a victory storm king with a shot of dutch chocolais chocolate wine dunked in it.
it is.... well... we think it's delicious.
and we'll have it at this saturday's baan/bone-in brunch


22 July 2011

22july - baan/bone-in brunch beer exclusive:

konig pilsner tallboys. yes, 500ml of clean, crisp german pilsner stuffed into a can you can crush triumphantly when you finish.
22july- ahh, the sacrifices i make

there's nothing quite like well-made bordeaux and cornas with a bit of age to them. there are some flavors that only time, patience, and care can coax out of a wine. will these two wines offer the lean, focused minerality that would play well with our cuisine? I will drink them and find out.... yes, i'll throw myself on these 10+yr old grenades for you in an effort to enrich your dining experience.

18 July 2011

so things went well.

11 July 2011

11july- back from hiatus with big news
so, as i hope you know, we've been collaborating with the brilliant Scott Hall and his Bone-in Artisan Barbecue on Wheels on saturdays between 11.30 and 2.
in one of those fantastic and gratifying moments of seeing somebody work hard and be recognized for it, his truck will be featured on tv's eat st this saturday the 16th!
this is a wonderfully big deal that scott has certainly earned.
and good for us since he wants the feature to include our collaboration.

so, business as usual (though more exciting) this saturday brunch with misting hoses to help cool you for the cameras.
our mimosas will be there as well as our spicy, thai/sake bloody mary, beer float, and one to two interesting and thirst quenching wine cocktails.