30 June 2011

30June- our holiday break
i guess i can't keep this from you any more; it's not fair to either one of us.
and it's not you. seriously! you're great!
it's just that we need a little time to ourselves.
you know, a break.
a little bit of breathing room.
and i'm sure that, after a little while, we'll work just that much better when we do come back! i'm sure of it!
starting tuesday, july the 5th we'll be closed a week and we'll re-open tuesday the 12th.
i don't know...maybe do a little work on ourselves during that time....
(and, you know, we don't mind if you see other restaurants next week. really! it's cool. we encourage you to!)

27 June 2011

27June- some beer poems
some time ago my beer list was a more involved affair. in an effort to educate i would add mildly in- depth descriptions of each beer but discovered many customers who would ask questions whose answers were clearly stated within the text of the menu.
so, figuring that few people would notice, and wanting to amuse myself, i began writing quick little stories and poems that would express something about the beer. maybe not a descriptor but a feeling or a vibe that i got from that specific selection. this format then got noticed and lauded so, for a couple of years, i pursued how to take advantage of that.
every 6 months or so there would be a new menu with another method of presenting the beers and then it got to a point where i was having difficulty topping myself. i kept having to get more elaborate which was, admittedly, a fun challenge but it also locked me into a steady list and i got more fun out of changing the list weekly.
so i abandoned the project.
it pleases me that every so often a customer will still come up to the bar and ask for an old menu to show their friends.
anyway. i was poking through some old files looking for something when i found this beginning of a different menu. i'd always wanted to do a narrative that would encompass all of the selections and i happened to be reading nabokov's "pale fire" at the time so... i began to borrow the structure.
as you can see, i didn't really get far but here's the beginning.

24 June 2011

24June- hmmm...
here's something that's been bothering me for a little while.
for many years i've had a tendency to suck the fun out of some things by over-intellectualizing them or trying to glean a lesson or by trying too hard to get the edges to align. (only some, not all, of the ways i might ruin something.)

this has been a risk, especially, for wine when i'm trying to train servers or, i suppose to a certain degree, customers. i forget that most people simply don't want to know as much about a wine as i want to know and so i go ahead and disgorge a fount of dry information which then dessicates all the juicy fun.
So we recently found this wine that we all found incredibly refreshing. the grape, jacquere, is from the rhone alpes in france and is not what anybody would call a well-known grape but in the equivalent of four days we went through roughly nine bottles. these were primarily hand sells (as most of our wines sales must be, really, given how little-known so many of the wines are) which consist usually of a combination of enthusiasm and dispensation of little tastes of wine.
and we flew through it! and it wasn't the cheapest thing on the menu, either.
naturally, i was jazzed about this because i love it when we can introduce something new to columbia and watch it be embraced but the fact that so many people got it because of a visceral response got me thinking.
they didn't get it because they knew what the grape was or what kind of soil it grew in or what kind of training the winemaker had or how long the winery had been making wine and whether their style has changed over the years. they got it because it's a refreshing, easy drinking wine that, presumably, made them feel good.
it reminded me of a time when a rep blind tasted me on a wine on which i spent a good while dissecting in an attempt to figure out the grapes. it had some plump, juicy redness so maybe this grape and it had some earthy notes so it could be this or that. there's something on the finish i'm not understanding (i'll take the third part last) and the color would suggest this but the acid suggests that. i spent so long deciphering two out of three grapes and marveling over the unexpected third grape and then going back to try to taste or smell what the third grape had to offer that, when the rep asked me how i liked it, i didn't have an answer. i'd thought all the feeling out of it and i had to taste it again to taste for enjoyment.
this seems like a shame.
now i'm going to over-think this situation.
maybe you have some similar approaches to life, maybe you don't.
maybe the lesson is to balance the comfort experiences and the intellectual? because we need to exercise the mind by challenging it or we'll get rusty at the thinkin'. you know. enjoy the totino's as much as the prime rib. enjoy the three amigos as much as ladri di biciclette.
now i don't know how to finish this post without getting heavy handed. (see? suckin' out the energy.)

been pretty hot out lately, huh?

...er... they say it might rain later...

i feel like this guy's got it all figured out...

23 June 2011

23june- morning anthem
what i should play every morning while i'm getting ready for work.

10 June 2011

10June- this is exactly what it looks like
assuming, to you, it looks like baan sawan is making bloody marys for saturday's bone-in bbq truck's afternoon with us.
our own mix has sambal, oyster sauce, garlic, and basil to give you that thai vibe and, since we don't have a liquor license, we're using a junmai ginjo sake as the alcohol.
also, for tomorrow, we'll have another permutation of our mimosa, this time with watermelon in a sparkly rose and san pelligrino orange-ade.
also we'll be playing with sparkling wine and mango/lime popsicles which are really groovy.
(wait. do kids still say groovy?)

anyway, that, plus scott hall's always incredible bbq, will be here in our parking lot from 11.30 to 2. and remember, ya gotta drink to sit inside.

07 June 2011

06June- Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!

at about 6:30 in the p.m. representatives from that beer we love so much, Moa, will be here in the restaurant pouring out tastes of their awesome products! for free, no less!

06 June 2011

06june. lunch at jive turkey!
the baked turkey wing was tender with a flavorful skin. the meatloaf, though a touch dry in some places, was pleasantly beefy with a nice tomato-base sauce on it. collards, jive rice, black-eyed peas, and green beans were all solid. and the hotdogs were nicely done, i thought. the bun and the hotdogs were grilled, adding some pleasant caramelization to them. and the chili was nice and beany.
they have posted in several places: "let us know about any dietary issues: diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol. we season with no added salt!"
given the richness of flavors i'm frankly surprised that it was healthy.
next time i think i'll try their turkey burger.

5100 two notch road. closed on sundays. open 8-5 on sat and 8-7 mon through friday. and apparently they deliver but i don't know how far.

03 June 2011

03june- new beer! and new wine!
and more exclamation marks!!

the de koninck belgian ale.
malty and crisp (i use that word a lot but i like to surround myself with beverages that are crisp) with a touch of fruitiness at the end (light pear and apple. nothing sweet, really, just hints.)
nice and smooth and easy, easy drinking. and at only 5.2% alcohol one can drink more than one should. like eating 3 times as many low-fat cookies thereby mitigating their low-fattiness.

and the wines. there are a lot of new ones but we've got a couple of bordeaux, both red and white. a cheverny. a muscadet by the glass. a gamay. a beaujolais blanc. and more.
just having fun. check the by updated wine lists for details.