29 April 2011

29April- Bone-in artisan BBQ at our doorstep Sat!

if you haven't heard, scott hall's awesome bone-in artisan bbq on wheels truck will be parked in our lot saturday morning between 11 and 2. there'll be some outside seating and the indoor seating will be available only if you're purchasing beer or wine.
we've got an aranciatanemesiomosa, two baan/bone-in exclusive beers, and some beers on close-out (a few random beers that didn't get sold since i hurried their successors on to the list.) what beers? come by tomorrow to find out.
they won't be available during our normal dinner service.

24 April 2011

24april- hello pot? it's kettle...
0r how i criticize buying a $410 corkscrew

here's the NYTimes article: The $410 Corkscrew

what i think is weird about this (not, as you'd might think, the fact that someone is making and charging up to $410 for a corkscrew. someone is always going to offer extravagance and someone is always going to buy it.) is that the double-hinge is mentioned only as a though it's a crutch or training wheels for the "amateurs". and few, if any, of the extra fancy corkscrews seem to have double-hinges. now, when it comes to opening a (usually) older bottle and the cork decides to snap off in the process i have found nothing is as effective at snagging that last little bit -without piercing the cork entirely and potentially sprinkling the wine with cork bits- than a double-hinge.

also, the fact that you can open the blade with one hand is brought up. i've never had a problem doing that with mine (holding it in my palm and pinching it open with my thumb and middle finger.) and i feel fairly sure i don't open as many bottles as a sommelier in a fancy joint.
also, i think resharpening a blade isn't a positive. in fact, i feel like a sharp blade isn't as effective (or safe) as a duller one. you're not opening a cd case, you're cutting a rather soft and thick metal capsule.

i don't know. i think this sort of falls under that pet peeve of mine of seeing someone buy an expensive tool before becoming expert at a cheaper one. now that's a crutch. i think anybody involved in a sport has probably seen this. I saw this at the shooting range a lot: someone buying a thousand dollar gun and their target looking like they threw a handful of gravel at it.
not sure why i got all huffy at that. i just hate the idea of someone reading that article and running out to buy one when a perfectly good (i wager superior) double-hinge sits in a drawer.

but. it's their money. god knows i can be wasteful.
i suppose i don't need this many neckties.

22 April 2011

22April- pink wines

all my wines with rosy hues
from whispered pink to carmine booze
are lined up now for us to see
and perhaps to drink: a rosy spree.

Yes, clouds now cover sun’s golden rays.
All the more reason to drink ros├ęs.
No drink, I think, could well surpass
The summer’s soul swirled in your glass.

19 April 2011

19Apr- the gravel parking lot is officially available to use
just met scott, the owner of red hot tomatoes and the gravel parking lot adjacent to us (which is having work done to it right now) this morning and he's given the very gracious go ahead for our customers and staff to use the parking lot.
so... scott= awesome.
tow-happy lutheran church behind us and the state parking lot which evidently towed some 30 cars on friday night (none of which were our customers)= seriously?

thanks to scott!

13 April 2011

13april - for those of you not indie gritting

(those who are, visit our table to check out what alex prepared!) you can help us drink some of the new wines that came in today.
i'm excited to try the portuguese wines. i've had some wonderful dry reds and this will be the first dry non-port white i will have tried.
the old vines garnacha has got plenty of easy-drinking dark fruit and minerality. the dry rose from provence will get some by-the-glass time though not at the sacrifice of our zweigelt or bonny doon roses. all three of our roses are distinctly different from each other and special in their own ways. of course, that's true of all our wines and beers, really. i have no favorites; there's enough love in my heart for all my wines and beers.

01 April 2011

this has got to be the most awesome tasting experience i've ever seen.