25 February 2011

25Feb- interesting article on wine: sweet vs. savory
first of all, really? already the 25 of feb? that's just crazy.

here's an interesting new york times article on paring down the wine experience to identifying your vino as either sweet or savory. mostly as an exercise to think about wine in a different way, which i approve of.
we've got at least one wine that balances very nicely its sweet and savory and, as we know, balance is such a valuable pillar to the thai cuisine and for what we strive. along with atmosphere, beverages... random stuff cluttering the bar... mm....being wary of bottles of wine that customers bring in that might either be bad for our food or simply look cheap on the tables...(seriously, if you're bringing in a bottle it had better be something special and appropriate and not a bottle of beringer from the grocery store up the street. it's not about the money; it's about how we choose wines and beers to complement the food and it hurts to see a bottle of wine that we know is throttling our food's expression like a mugger in a cheap suit. and it's also a little bit about how that bottle looks on our table, as though we support its being there.)
whoops. off topic a bit.
anyway, here's that article:

18 February 2011

18Feb- new beer from idaho

the grand teton brewing co.'s bitch creek extra special brown.

this guy is new to us and new to the state.
6% abv extra special brown that comes across like a nut brown ale mixed with an i.p.a.
solid with some burnt caramel and a nice crisp hoppiness. i like.
i'm seeing it with the usual suspects where beers like this are concerned: pad thai, panang curry, mussaman. to pair with alex's pot roast tonight would be awesome, i suspect.
18Feb- cute commercial for the zin festival
zinfandel isn't the first thing i reach for but i think this is a cute commercial.

11 February 2011

11Feb- reminder: we're closed for valentine's day
well. not for valentine's day, as in "in observation of" valentine's day. more that it happens to fall on a day on which we're normally closed anyway.

though, as it always is, beware the flanking days. we will be sticking to our policy of no reservations so tonight and saturday might be a bit of a free-for-all with people trying to avoid the restaurants on monday.

11Feb- new beers for the weekend
the xh mentioned previously is all gone. friday, saturday, tuesday, and wednesday is all it took, actually, to run through the case and i've been tugging on sleeves to get more but it's a special order item and unless someone is willing to pick up a case when they're in ibaraki, japan and bring it with them, we're not likely to see this beer again for a while.

and since we got a (mostly accurate) little blurb in the free times there might be some increased interest in our beer list. of course, we're still lucky enough to have the incredible brewdog tokio* as well as the rest of our solid list but i did want to bring in a new beer so here's what we've got:

the eisenbahn unfiltered wheat doublebock. i don't know why nobody else in town will pick this up. marshall couldn't even find it on any retail shelves.

remember the xingu? i wonder if it's a coincidence that they're both brazilian... anyway, if you took the xingu (or most any schwarzbier) and tossed in a dollop of banana you've got this beer. smooth, dark but not big, a bit fruity but not what i'd call sweet, despite a chocolatey overtone. clean finish. i can't imagine it wouldn't be awesome with pad thai, panang, or mussaman.

and hiding (very well) an unexpected 8%alc/vol.

04 February 2011

04Feb- what's that? is it... wait...
it IS an awesome new hitachino nest beer! the XH. this is the first time i've been able to get this (so far we're the only joint in town -restaurant or retail- that has it. it's listed under "special order") and i love it. it's a strong belgian-style brown ale matured in distilled sake casks. beautiful floral nose with a touch of sake and a crisp but rich mouthfeel. slightly woody and earthy with some nut and more of that sake comes through. little bit of spice. and it hides its 7%alc pretty well, i think. this would be awesome with pad thai, panang, or mussaman (ooh. the 3-flavored duck...) but also light enough to play nice with the basil and, actually, i think it'd be pretty cool with the tamarind. you know... i think it's one of those beers that would work with everything. kind of like how james dean apparently didn't have a bad angle.

01 February 2011

01Feb- valentine's day
couldn't decide between talking about my idea to start charging the corkage fee on a sliding scale based on how appropriate the invading wine is with our cuisine or how we'll be closed on valentine's day.
i chose valentine's day.
we'll be closed.
we will be open on the preceding saturday and the following tuesday though on neither day will we accept reservations.

on the plus side, tennessee pride is making turkey breakfast sausage sandwiches that are 60% less fat than their pork breakfast sausages. i'd rather have the pork but i've got to say the turkey ones are pretty flavorful.