23 December 2011

holiday hours: closed 24thdec-3rdjan
so...bah! humbug...
having said that, we'll be closed from christmas eve, dec24, all through the following week and we'll re-open on january 3rd.

during this time it's our wish that you have a relatively tolerable and stress-free week whether it be with family, friends, or, as i'd have it, with your loved one, pet(s), a bottle of lovely wine, some quiet music, a book, and the a/c cranked to simulate winter weather.

we hope that you don't have to drive too much and that if you do that the streets are safe and free of people driving and texting "gotta go. driving. going into next lane. lol."

we hope that no drunk friends or relations do or say anything embarrassing or if you are, yourself, the drunk friend or relation, that nobody brings up later the embarrassing thing you said or did.

we hope that if you have a lovely and special bottle of something delicious that, upon opening it, it is everything that you'd hoped for and more.

we hope that the food eaten by you is wonderful and to your liking and that you don't eat too much, unless that's what you want.

and if presents are given we hope that they are received well and if presents are received by you we hope that you enjoy/could use them.


we'll see you maybe tonight and, if not, when we get back on january the 3rd.

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