09 December 2011

09Dec- friday stuff

friday's my busiest day here. i generally get here around 9 and it's pretty much work work until 11:30 or so. not the worst hours out there but not the best. my favorite productive hour (not counting the hour i get to spend with my girlfriend for lunch) is between 3 and 4. by this time all of my deliveries should have arrived so the stress of that is over. it's the last full hour i get before i see anybody else, really, so it's just the beer, wine, restocking, finishing the menu writing, menu printing and listening to music. usually accompanied by a glass of wine.
it feels productive and busyish but at my pace.
it's fun for me to line up the new bottles and to see where they might fit on the menu. it's not fun having to leave some off, however, and there are always up to a dozen different wines for which there isn't room on the menu.
but i don't want to overwhelm anybody, myself included, so the list generally hovers around 55 items. certainly enough to have fun with and, with no room to grow, i'm not tempted to get too self-indulgent with it.
the list must be carefully pruned every week so that it's as healthy as it can be.

(if you'll notice, that north coast syrah is 11.9% alcohol. i'm excited to try this...)

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