18 November 2011

18nov- new stuff for the weekend

there's a lot going on here and i'm starting to push some non-alcoholic stuff because of how much i enjoy them. i like seeking out complexity of flavor and balance and to find them in something that i can drink a lot of without feeling woozy and overly-witty is great.
i'm particularly excited about the dublin dr pepper and the traquair scottish ale. two great products that i suspect i'll be sitting on for a while because they're a little 'spensive. but, since i know the product, i'm still pricing them below industry standard mark-up and at a price that i would feel comfortable paying if i were to encounter them out there in the world which, in columbia, i can't.
speaking of which, yes, i know that the soter sparkling rose from oregon is pricey but damn it's delicious. it's the kind of sparkling wine that makes you want to find a reason to celebrate and then suddenly realize that opening the bottle is reason to celebrate in and of itself.

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Wine Gift Basket said...

That's great. I always enjoy my Champagne and I always love it.

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