07 November 2011

07nov- anxious
i just got my results from my certified specialist of wine test and, having passed, now it occurs to me to wonder how else i could use this.
and, yes, i know how many in the industry scoff at certifications but i don't care; i got a good deal on the program. and, yes, perhaps the csw exam is only a 100 question fill-in-the-blank test of your memory with very little wine comprehension but i prefer to see it as an exam to test your willingness to memorize minutia in order to apply it to wine comprehension.
regardless, i've got this fun post-nominal (which i could use in conjunction with my 'pastor' with the universal life minister but i don't think there'll be room on my card) and i started thinking about how useful it could be if i wanted to explore employment with a winery or other wine-related venture.
my dream, of course, would be to settle down in verdant oregon. perhaps cleaning crush equipment at the eyrie vineyards i love so much and be a part of the magic that constantly blows my mind. or cleaning that awesome, weird little kitchen at brick house's "tasting room", which was really more of a living room sort of area that was all warm colors and sleepy irish setter.

more reasonably, i suppose, i should look into something local that i can do on weekends here and there. the winery in newberry, sc, for instance. i'm sure i could learn a great deal there. maybe graduate to a winery in dahlonega, ga or something in the yadkin.

or i could stay here and continue trying to improve the wine offerings in columbia's restaurants.

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