14 October 2011

14oct - new things for this week

i love gamay. it is my belief that you, too, should love gamay.
to that end i have taken away the pinot noir from the by the glass menu and replaced it with a touraine gamay and a morgon from beaujolais.
this is a temporary change and we'll resume our normal pinot noir activity next week but i want to see how it goes over this week. perhaps i am a fool. or perhaps i'm a visionary; a beacon of hope to the gamay producers of the world who fight the stigma that duboeuf has wrought upon them. perhaps i'm both. perhaps i'm neither. perhaps i should stop thinking about it.

anyway. all the stuff in the above picture is currently available for your lusty consumption.

also, i would submit that the quinta de la rosa lote no. 601 ruby port is the most extraordinary port i've tasted. more like a fine red wine in its complexity, aromas, easy drinking quality and food-friendly acid but with an almost dangerous 20% alcohol. it is definitely port but one that cradles and caresses you rather than covers your head with a sack soaked in brandy and grapejuice.

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