03 September 2011

03Sept- oddish weekend

I'm rewarding myself (for doing very little on this very slow evening) with a split of duval leroy champagne.
for as slow a weekend as it was we sold a 375ml bottle of cahors, 2 and a 3/4 bottles of lirac, a bottle and a half of our new gewurztraminer, a 375ml bottleof dry vouvray, a glass of dry apple cider, and several hitachino xh's.
these among a litany of the other items on our menu aren't as difficult sells but i like to keep track of my pet bottles that find homes.

(the aroma of something lightly peanutty and delicious smelling just wafted over. pad thai, it smells like.)

poking at the new '09 vintage of the chandon pinot meunier right now. it's lovely in a different way than the '08 (a bit richer, kind of a brighter finish, though, despite the increase in alcohol. )

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