02 August 2011

02Aug- wine similies
this came up the other night in conversation that was peripherally about wine. the simile occurred to me,i liked the sound of it, and i've been thinking about it since then.
Wine as kisses. the similarities. the nuance. how there's room for a broad array of either, depending on what you're looking for. how the memory of them can instantly conjure a time and a place and an emotion.

the delicate, butterfly-in-your-stomach inducing light brush of the lips from somebody you love might be like aged burgundy: complex, layered, delicate, and life-changing.
the disappointing clumsy, wet kisses of a cheap jug pinot grigio.
the rough, aggressive, harsh kiss of the high alcohol, over-oaked chardonnay.
the teeth-clicking against each other's, keep your back on the door so no-one comes in, guilty pleasure of an assertive, juicy, one-note zinfandel that you might not normally go for but all of a sudden really hits the spot.
maybe i'll write a menu with each wine having a kiss descriptor.

‘10 Pierre Boniface “Apremont” JACQUƈRE Savoie, France (loving peck on the lips by your spouse who's just finished drinking a cold glass of water)...... (6oz) 9.5(b) 40

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HRB said...

There's a lot to learn from wine.