27 June 2011

27June- some beer poems
some time ago my beer list was a more involved affair. in an effort to educate i would add mildly in- depth descriptions of each beer but discovered many customers who would ask questions whose answers were clearly stated within the text of the menu.
so, figuring that few people would notice, and wanting to amuse myself, i began writing quick little stories and poems that would express something about the beer. maybe not a descriptor but a feeling or a vibe that i got from that specific selection. this format then got noticed and lauded so, for a couple of years, i pursued how to take advantage of that.
every 6 months or so there would be a new menu with another method of presenting the beers and then it got to a point where i was having difficulty topping myself. i kept having to get more elaborate which was, admittedly, a fun challenge but it also locked me into a steady list and i got more fun out of changing the list weekly.
so i abandoned the project.
it pleases me that every so often a customer will still come up to the bar and ask for an old menu to show their friends.
anyway. i was poking through some old files looking for something when i found this beginning of a different menu. i'd always wanted to do a narrative that would encompass all of the selections and i happened to be reading nabokov's "pale fire" at the time so... i began to borrow the structure.
as you can see, i didn't really get far but here's the beginning.

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