10 June 2011

10June- this is exactly what it looks like
assuming, to you, it looks like baan sawan is making bloody marys for saturday's bone-in bbq truck's afternoon with us.
our own mix has sambal, oyster sauce, garlic, and basil to give you that thai vibe and, since we don't have a liquor license, we're using a junmai ginjo sake as the alcohol.
also, for tomorrow, we'll have another permutation of our mimosa, this time with watermelon in a sparkly rose and san pelligrino orange-ade.
also we'll be playing with sparkling wine and mango/lime popsicles which are really groovy.
(wait. do kids still say groovy?)

anyway, that, plus scott hall's always incredible bbq, will be here in our parking lot from 11.30 to 2. and remember, ya gotta drink to sit inside.

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