06 June 2011

06june. lunch at jive turkey!
the baked turkey wing was tender with a flavorful skin. the meatloaf, though a touch dry in some places, was pleasantly beefy with a nice tomato-base sauce on it. collards, jive rice, black-eyed peas, and green beans were all solid. and the hotdogs were nicely done, i thought. the bun and the hotdogs were grilled, adding some pleasant caramelization to them. and the chili was nice and beany.
they have posted in several places: "let us know about any dietary issues: diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol. we season with no added salt!"
given the richness of flavors i'm frankly surprised that it was healthy.
next time i think i'll try their turkey burger.

5100 two notch road. closed on sundays. open 8-5 on sat and 8-7 mon through friday. and apparently they deliver but i don't know how far.

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