03 June 2011

03june- new beer! and new wine!
and more exclamation marks!!

the de koninck belgian ale.
malty and crisp (i use that word a lot but i like to surround myself with beverages that are crisp) with a touch of fruitiness at the end (light pear and apple. nothing sweet, really, just hints.)
nice and smooth and easy, easy drinking. and at only 5.2% alcohol one can drink more than one should. like eating 3 times as many low-fat cookies thereby mitigating their low-fattiness.

and the wines. there are a lot of new ones but we've got a couple of bordeaux, both red and white. a cheverny. a muscadet by the glass. a gamay. a beaujolais blanc. and more.
just having fun. check the by updated wine lists for details.

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