04 May 2011

05may-a quick word on our not taking reservations
we've been getting several calls lately regarding this weekend (not only graduation weekend but mother's day weekend, the mere mention of which makes most restaurateurs wince with memories of the past and brace for the future.) and we've had to break the news that we don't offer reservations.
at all, i'm afraid.
no matter the variations of circumstances and synonyms one might use to try make a reservation our refusal is necessary because of the size and nature of our business. with only nine tables and an atmosphere that tries to stress enjoyment and contentment over rapid table turn-over we simply have no idea how long a given party might want to stay with us. and therefore we could never guarantee with any degree of certainty the availability of a table.
we can make suggestions such as come early (we rarely - which is not to say it hasn't happened on several occasions- fill up upon opening at 5.30.) or limit your party to four or fewer, as most parties exceeding four would require tables to be joined.

So i guess this post is just to clarify that we don't offer reservations not to inconvenience anyone but to reduce the possibility of inconvenience.

and also, i suppose, to stress the fact that we have no idea of what this weekend will hold for us.
but i'm fairly sure it will be some level of incredibly busy.

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jshusc said...

One of my favorite things about your restaurant. Not a stuffy place at all, so don't cater to stuffy needs.