24 April 2011

24april- hello pot? it's kettle...
0r how i criticize buying a $410 corkscrew

here's the NYTimes article: The $410 Corkscrew

what i think is weird about this (not, as you'd might think, the fact that someone is making and charging up to $410 for a corkscrew. someone is always going to offer extravagance and someone is always going to buy it.) is that the double-hinge is mentioned only as a though it's a crutch or training wheels for the "amateurs". and few, if any, of the extra fancy corkscrews seem to have double-hinges. now, when it comes to opening a (usually) older bottle and the cork decides to snap off in the process i have found nothing is as effective at snagging that last little bit -without piercing the cork entirely and potentially sprinkling the wine with cork bits- than a double-hinge.

also, the fact that you can open the blade with one hand is brought up. i've never had a problem doing that with mine (holding it in my palm and pinching it open with my thumb and middle finger.) and i feel fairly sure i don't open as many bottles as a sommelier in a fancy joint.
also, i think resharpening a blade isn't a positive. in fact, i feel like a sharp blade isn't as effective (or safe) as a duller one. you're not opening a cd case, you're cutting a rather soft and thick metal capsule.

i don't know. i think this sort of falls under that pet peeve of mine of seeing someone buy an expensive tool before becoming expert at a cheaper one. now that's a crutch. i think anybody involved in a sport has probably seen this. I saw this at the shooting range a lot: someone buying a thousand dollar gun and their target looking like they threw a handful of gravel at it.
not sure why i got all huffy at that. i just hate the idea of someone reading that article and running out to buy one when a perfectly good (i wager superior) double-hinge sits in a drawer.

but. it's their money. god knows i can be wasteful.
i suppose i don't need this many neckties.

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