25 March 2011

25mar- some of our new toys!

some of you may know the lenny's already. rich, complex, delicious double india pale ale with rye malt. like a nut brown ale mixed with an i.p.a. and a good dollop of barley wine.
the dupont avril biere de table. (the temperature would dip suddenly since i got this...) marshall brought this to my attention and we fell in love with it. easy, easy, easy drinking farmhouse ale. floral, grassy, french bready nose. clean and lively. since it's a 750ml it'd be great for splitting as an apertif though this thing is so clean it'll go with everything.
the vosne romanee i tried at an awesome burgundy tasting (which, since i didn't check my email before i left for charleston in the morning, surprised me with its blind tasting format. 14 people (one of whom,raj parr, has been referred to as "one of the most celebrated sommeliers in the world" and a "burgundy savant") intelligently positing vintages, producers, and villages and then me: freaking out about the possibility of getting called on and revealing the canyon sized gaps in my burgundy experience. fortunately i wasn't called on and my ignorance remained assumed but not confirmed...but the experience built character) on wednesday (i should probably put the "on wednesday" before my parenthetical aside/digression but i'm sort of amused by how it's just plopped on to the end of that as though i hadn't demolished the rhythm of the original idea. which also means this parenthetical digression i'm in right now amuses me all the more. and here comes the period, after the parenthesis, true to mla format.). (plop)
where was i? right. vosne romanee. clean, focused, vibrant. flowers and cherries and allspice. a beautiful, fairly affordable burgundy that reminds me of how much i love pinot noir.
and the '97 beaune-greves i haven't tried but am looking forward to drinking.
and there's other stuff. the weyerbacher merry monk is back in. a dry chenin blanc i'm playing around with as well as a washington/oregon southern rhone-style white wine blend.
there's that.
and don't forget we're googly eyeing things to put in the bar, if you want to participate.
the end.

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