04 March 2011

04march- oh, happy day!
so after we sold out of the last case of the extraordinary, so unique, and so delicious hitachino xh in a remarkable 4 days (thanks for that) the hole in my heart that it left was too much to bear.
i wrote to jp (monsieur chambas from aleph who carries hitachino) and told him of our success and how much we'd like him to order more. he responded that he'd get more soon if available.
then i wrote to hitachino proper and spoke of how much we love their products and how i hope their xh will be available again to jp. within a couple of hours i got a letter from their u.s. importer who was appreciative of our support and assured us that it was available and how he was sure jp would order more. he also cc'd this letter to toshiyuki kiuchi (president of kiuchi brewing that brews hitachino nest) as well as jp.
so while i can't be sure my campaign to get it back was directly responsible for the case of xh that traveled so far to sit here on my bar, i still say:
oh, happy day!
and since so many people weren't able to try it the last time it was here i've even decided to sell it!
so. it's here.
and, apparently, only for baan sawan.

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