04 March 2011

03march- new beer friday! another rare one
remember when i was jonesing for a beer that nobody else in town had? actually, i think i only mentioned that on the facebook...
well. anyway.
i got one.
23, more accurately (the 24th is for tasting out.) Baird Beer's Rising Sun Pale Ale out of Numazu, Japan.
a gorgeously citrus (not quite tangerine but in that neighborhood)/hoppy nose (actually, a little like jennifer's beer that exhibited prominent willamette hops.) an almost creamy mouthfeel (it's unfiltered), a touch of malt sweet and a great, crisp, lightly hoppy and refreshing finish. beautifully well-balanced.
i'm really excited by this, especially since we lost the whale's tale pale in the cans. pity it's a bit more expensive but i do love it. i'm very pleased when i look around and see that i've surrounded myself with wines and beers that all make me proud to be in a position to offer them to columbia.

my precious, delicious flock. hm. might
've gone too far with that one...

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