01 March 2011

01March - trip to the grand asia market in charlotte

On sunday we went to the new grand asia market jimmy told us about. i can't remember which detail was the kicker that got our motor running.

it could've been the cantonese-style bakery.
(it had not only sweet but savory buns! i got a bun with hotdogs and chives in it. and those awesome sesame seed encrusted balls with sweet egg yolk inside. i love those.)

or the prospect of interesting produce.

or the live fish tanks. no wait, it was probably the live fish tanks from which you could choose a fish which they would then kill, clean, and cook for you.
that was it.
so we did that.

this guy was funny. i think he probably enjoys his job of bashing fish heads with a mallet. a small group of toddlers cheered and one little girl in a pink jumper clapped at one point. he was bashing our striped bass when he looked over and saw the picture taking. he gave me a big wink and a smile as he brought the mallet down again.
and, after some confusion at the restaurant in the market (eased by their locating an english speaker) they cooked our freshly killed ("bassassinated", as jennifer put it) fish in a ginger, bean sauce, and scallion sauce that was delicious. cost of the bass: $8. cost for cooking it: $5. = awesome.

we also got this taiwanese beef noodle soup. tender, flavorful beef and this lovely crispy pickled business on top.

didn't get a duck this time but maybe next time...

a refreshingly wide array of the alky-hol.
they even had my precious hitachino nest white ale which, in the bigger bottles, tastes more like it does on tap than it does in the little bottles. naturally, it is unavailable in columbia.

also a wide array of sakes, from which jennifer chose a few.

ha! even thailand doesn't want their monsoon valley.

here are their shelves filled to the brim with exotic meats. tuna eye. whale bacon. pickled yeti foot.
wait. no.
this is the picture of their shelves filled with pots and steamers and such.

and an extra picture of fish.
such fish!
they also had a tank of live tilapia, big crabs, and lobsters. (separate tanks for each. you know how they get.)

good day. good trip. returned with sauces and teas and crispy things that are good to eat. buns for steaming and mochi for hurting your cold sensitive teeth. and complimentary chopsticks and chinese calendars.

i recommend it. you know. if you like that sort of thing.

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