25 February 2011

25Feb- interesting article on wine: sweet vs. savory
first of all, really? already the 25 of feb? that's just crazy.

here's an interesting new york times article on paring down the wine experience to identifying your vino as either sweet or savory. mostly as an exercise to think about wine in a different way, which i approve of.
we've got at least one wine that balances very nicely its sweet and savory and, as we know, balance is such a valuable pillar to the thai cuisine and for what we strive. along with atmosphere, beverages... random stuff cluttering the bar... mm....being wary of bottles of wine that customers bring in that might either be bad for our food or simply look cheap on the tables...(seriously, if you're bringing in a bottle it had better be something special and appropriate and not a bottle of beringer from the grocery store up the street. it's not about the money; it's about how we choose wines and beers to complement the food and it hurts to see a bottle of wine that we know is throttling our food's expression like a mugger in a cheap suit. and it's also a little bit about how that bottle looks on our table, as though we support its being there.)
whoops. off topic a bit.
anyway, here's that article:

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