11 February 2011

11Feb- new beers for the weekend
the xh mentioned previously is all gone. friday, saturday, tuesday, and wednesday is all it took, actually, to run through the case and i've been tugging on sleeves to get more but it's a special order item and unless someone is willing to pick up a case when they're in ibaraki, japan and bring it with them, we're not likely to see this beer again for a while.

and since we got a (mostly accurate) little blurb in the free times there might be some increased interest in our beer list. of course, we're still lucky enough to have the incredible brewdog tokio* as well as the rest of our solid list but i did want to bring in a new beer so here's what we've got:

the eisenbahn unfiltered wheat doublebock. i don't know why nobody else in town will pick this up. marshall couldn't even find it on any retail shelves.

remember the xingu? i wonder if it's a coincidence that they're both brazilian... anyway, if you took the xingu (or most any schwarzbier) and tossed in a dollop of banana you've got this beer. smooth, dark but not big, a bit fruity but not what i'd call sweet, despite a chocolatey overtone. clean finish. i can't imagine it wouldn't be awesome with pad thai, panang, or mussaman.

and hiding (very well) an unexpected 8%alc/vol.

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