04 February 2011

04Feb- what's that? is it... wait...
it IS an awesome new hitachino nest beer! the XH. this is the first time i've been able to get this (so far we're the only joint in town -restaurant or retail- that has it. it's listed under "special order") and i love it. it's a strong belgian-style brown ale matured in distilled sake casks. beautiful floral nose with a touch of sake and a crisp but rich mouthfeel. slightly woody and earthy with some nut and more of that sake comes through. little bit of spice. and it hides its 7%alc pretty well, i think. this would be awesome with pad thai, panang, or mussaman (ooh. the 3-flavored duck...) but also light enough to play nice with the basil and, actually, i think it'd be pretty cool with the tamarind. you know... i think it's one of those beers that would work with everything. kind of like how james dean apparently didn't have a bad angle.

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