18 January 2011

18Jan- It's here! it's here!
the BrewDog Tokio*intergalactic fantastic oak aged stout malt beverage brewed with cranberries and jasmine! and it's astonishing. i confess i don't get the jasmine but the nose is like if someone crushed espresso beans to cover cranberries and then covered that with dark chocolate. and, while it's a touch boozy, it's so balanced. i can't believe it's 18.2%alc! it's full and lush and tastes like its bouquet. so sort of like a dark chocolate covered coffee/cranberry that's been soaked in blanton's bourbon.

at least, that's what it smells and tastes like to me...

~update~ i love, love, love that since tuesday (it is now friday) 4 different tables have shelled out the bit of cash necessary to experience this extraordinary brew. it makes me so happy and speaks so well of columbia.

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