14 January 2011

14Jan- random thoughts on glassware
i'm a bit of a sentimental cuss (which i believe lends to clutter, which explains the bar and my work area) and i have a tendency to save things related to fun experiences. show tickets, a bottle cap here and there. corks, certainly, and special bottles. I'm the type of person who has his lucky tie talisman from the night when et cetera.
but i have no sentimental attachment to my wine glasses. How strange, it seems to me, that this vessel that's key to some of the most wonderful experiences i've had tends to fall by the wayside in terms of sentimentality.
i'm a believer in appropriate glassware. I'm not a riedel buyer, however, since i can't afford to be but i like my bowls capacious, my rims thin, and my stems delicate-ish. if there's a touch of a tulip flare to the lip i'm especially happy.
but because I spent several years in an environment that lent itself to frequently broken glasses (not a violent environment but one filled with pets that like to bat things off of other things in addition to my own clumsiness.) i tend to expect the worse to happen so, like a rabbit or a frontierswoman, i'd buy many glasses (birth many kits/children) knowing that only a few would survive the treacherous surroundings. this probably accounts for my lack of sentimentality regarding my wine glasses.
now, living in a less populated house, i haven't stopped buying glasses and they've begun to pile up. everytime in a tj max or tuesday morning that i see a box of glasses that meet my nerdy standards i will buy them, if i have the money. it has become, evidently, a thing. and since i have these glasses i have often given or sold them (at cost, of course. i'm not a monster) to friends in a glassware bind. someone once identified my tendency as being like one who adopts and fosters animals. i have more wine glasses at home than i have at the restaurant now but, the way i see it, i am prepared. and of all the things i could be spending my money on it's not interfering with my relationship or my work so...could be worse.

lesson. some kind of moral here...

it would have to be on glassware. have more than you need, especially if you entertain. and have glasses in which you can comfortably swirl without getting wine on you or your tablecloth. i don't care if it's hand-cut crystal waterford if you can't get a good swirl and tuck your nose into it to inhale and appreciate your wine. i'd much rather drink out of my $3 tj max glass with the shape i like than an $80 glass with a design that's ideal to whip wine out of it like a defensive measure if you try to swirl in it.

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