22 November 2010

22Nov- thanksgiving time off
this year will be just the day of thanksgiving. so, this thursday we'll be closed and we'll be open the rest of the week.

15 November 2010

ignore this post

15nov- completely, totally irrelevant.
but i need a way to post a picture on a thread and i have to use this blogspot to do it. so ignore this image.

12 November 2010

12Nov- some new stuff
-we'll be pouring an awesome new moscato d'asti that's scratching an itch i didn't realize i had again until i tried it yesterday. it was like meeting an old, good friend whom you haven't seen in some time and find that the chemistry is still there in full force and you pick up right where you left off.

-also, i encountered the great divide baltic smoked porter, which was recommended to me enthusiastically, at the tobacco merchant in harbison. i was pleasantly surprised to see that, despite it being a baltic porter, its abv was only about 6%. it was smooth and balanced but still rich and a good food beer. a tough combination to find. also, i liked that the guy at the tobacconist told me, with no small degree of urgency, if you want some of this you've got to call your distributor now (here he jabbed a finger at a counter to indicate the nowness). doing so i found that danielle knew of two cases in the warehouse which, upon further inspection, was in fact one case. i love getting the last of something. as an aside, the tobacco merchant in harbison (near the ice cream joint and miyo's) has a nice, broad selection of both cigars and beers. it's been a nice, comfortable place to settle down with a cigar and a beer, though they do have more ipa's than i'd think since i don't think the high hop content goes well with most cigars. maybe an aged patel since it's softer and won't fight the sharpness of an ipa. anyway. check them out. (their pipe tobacco selection is improving though i still highly recommend talking to my tobacconist John at modern age tobacco on colonial life blvd for, especially, your pipe tobacco needs. great choices, great guy. knows his stuff and just loves it when people show a genuine interest. nice basket pipes, too.)

-also i'll be playing with a dry silvaner from franken region in germany. minerally and medium bodied with some spice to the nose. kind of reminded me of an alsatian pinot gris, but nobody seemed to agree with me on that point. still, it reminds *me* of some pinot gris i've had. but, given its body and mineral it should be gorgeous with something like ginger shrimp.

- and some other fun stuff is coming in mostly for me to try before i unleash them. if you're in and i'm in (i've been absent saturdays lately) and are curious about the fun stuff off menu, feel free to ask. if i can get at least a two glass guarantee i'm usually pretty happy to open a $40 and below bottle.