22 September 2010

22sept - nytimes article on chili peppers
i thought this was entertainingly written and informative

20 September 2010

20Sept- fun video
i feel like this is how i see what we try to do every night. we try to accomplish a well-thought out complex series of simple actions made to look easy and suffused with a charm that isn't for everybody but which some people enjoy and want to be a part of because of a unique, fun vibe.

17 September 2010

17Sept- posted the current beer/wine list, etc
i went a tad overboard this week as i bought one interesting wine or beer after another and, until the trucks started showing up today, i thought i'd had it under control. alas, there's simply no room in the fridges for everything, which is a weird problem to have.
however, this is not to imply that any prices will be slashed to relieve inventory. i'm already not making much on several of these beers and wines so, while i wish savings could be passed on to you there are no savings to speak of.

on the plus side, there's just a lot of interesting new things. a really rich, complex, but still fairly bright oak-aged ale from sam smith, for instance. a couple of out-there white blends from oregon. a beautifully lean and serious tasting malbec from argentina. and some bizarre things i bought for myself like a sparkling sauvignon blanc and a red txakoli.

so... that's fun, if people can tear themselves away from the awesome and fun greek festival going on this weekend where i'd certainly be if i weren't working. i'd drift slowly from food booth to food both like a whale collecting grilled, tzatziki-covered krill in its baleen.
but since i cannot wander about the colorful stands of the greek festival yet i've tried to make myself feel better by filling my fridges with awesome beer and wine.

perhaps you can take advantage of my food sublimation, as well

15 September 2010

15Sept- was thinking about tofu earlier
and i thought it might not be a terrible waste of time to post what it's all about, in this case, through the lens of the wikipedia machine.

"a food made by coagulating soy milk, and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks"

elegantly, succinctly put. but below to learn so much more

that is all.

10 September 2010

10Sept- quick tip as we head into the weekend
i bring this up certainly not to make anybody feel foolish but to prevent that precise feeling from happening.
be aware of how red your teeth are getting as you drink red wines.
not all red wines, however, will result in making you look as though you've been punched solidly in the teeth but you'll probably experience this with some of your more heavily extracted wines (that is to say, wines allowed-or forced-to have more/longer contact with their skins and pulp so that more color and body are "extracted"). So, full-bodied, dark dark reds (i'm looking primarily at you, california and australia) are more likely to stain your teeth and lips.
of course, some people are more sensitive to this effect than others and even lighter reds will be guilty of marking you.

and, like pointing out if you have an errant fleck of food hanging out where it shouldn't (or a shirt tag sticking out - i don't know why that bothers me like it does), we're going to try to begin delicately pointing this out to you when it happens. we don't want you to look foolish and also we don't want you to leave or go to the restroom and see that you've had a hunk of our delicious pulled pork plastered to your punim or lips and teeth like you've been in a blackberry pie eating contest then displace your embarrassment by blaming us for not bringing your new hues to your attention.
there are some preventative measures one can take to avoid this staining.
drinking water and licking your lips frequently (the latter is tricky as one doesn't want to appear lizard-like or lascivious. avoid making deep eye contact or letting your eyes wander to predictable places as you lick your lips) will help with some discoloration. eating while drinking will work a bit, as well. and, sure, you can always avoid deeply colored red wines but sometimes that's not an option. or maybe carry a mirror or discreetly seek out your reflection in something. (the last one may be perceived as vanity but i suppose, to a certain degree, that's what we're talking about anyway.)

but sometimes, if you tend towards big reds, this chromatic evidence of indulgence cannot be avoided and it's something that we're all just going to have to accept. which is not what you want to say to a cop if, god forbid, you're pulled over.

so, like so many things, enjoy yourselves but be aware.

04 September 2010

04Sept- wait a minute...what?

ran across this during my monthly check of what the internet has to say about us.

...strip mall...