31 March 2010

31March- something of a post.
just realized how long it's been since i've posted anything so, just to show that i've been doing something peripherally wine related, here's what might the beginning of a new book.

what's that? similarities? ...i don't see it...

It wasn’t until the day I was rinsing out my decanter with hot water from the bathroom sink in a gas station somewhere between Freeport and Camden, Maine that I realized how self-indulgent I was being. I looked at myself in the scratched metal mirror and saw how unkind florescent lighting can be on a tired man of thirty-three who’d opened his first bottle of wine of the day around ten that morning, gotten in the car and had driven nearly four hours in search of a rocky Maine beach on which to drink his second bottle. I was going to bookend it, I thought. I was going to drink one bottle of Eyrie 2002 reserve Pinot Noir on a rocky beach in Maine, ten more various bottles at ten various stops across America, and then another bottle of the same Eyrie on a rocky beach in Oregon. The idea seemed sound, even as I was selling so many of my possessions to buy my supplies. The idea continued to seem sound as I sold my share of the small restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts where I’d been part owner and the beverage director for several years. And it seemed sound enough that morning when I decanted a bottle of 1998 Asili Barbaresco and nestled it in a towel in a small cardboard box in the passenger seat like a sick kitten. But something about the state of the eyes that looked back at me in the mirror in that gas station bathroom made me think that I might be making a mistake. That maybe this unprecedented level of selfishness could be bad for me.
And, certainly, I would have to stop drinking and driving. Red wine, at least.

11 March 2010

11March- CLosed this saturday the 13th
on account of the crazy going on down in 5points. everyone be careful out there.

08 March 2010

08March- interesting