23 December 2010

23Dec- quick comment on just one of our shortcomings
we know what this is. this is a funnel:

i'm sure everyone's quite familiar with the concept as well as its limitations. if we pour in, for example, peppercorns we might dump in a big handful and wait for the peppercorns to settle and arrange themselves and move through the tip of the funnel into, say, your grinder (pepper grinder, not a sub sandwich in new england.)

my reasonable expectation in this action is that the peppercorns that went in first will come out first but also that, given the friction of so many particles vying for one exit point i might have to give the funnel a shake to get the stream going.

or, if i'm not paying attention, i might even add another handful of peppercorns and find that not only is the pressure of the existing peppercorns severely limiting how well they exit but i've overfilled my funnel and i've regrettably lost some over the rim and now i've got several peppercorns bouncing around my kitchen floor, exactly where they shouldn't be, and several still that have rolled underneath the stove and, let's face it, i'm afraid those peppercorns are gone. (i'm aware how much that sentence ran on)

what's best is a thin but steady stream that uses the structure of the funnel as a path and not as a vessel in and of itself.

while this is the most efficient use of the funnel it is, regrettably, not always going to work so well.

our funnel didn't work that well last night.
but we were careful to warn and inform all of our customers last night about what might happen since everyone came in at the same time. no shortage of warnings; i don't want any illusions where that sort of thing is concerned.
so we thank everybody for their enthusiasm and interest in us and, especially, those of you who patiently stuck with us through a rough sort of night. also thanks to the twenty something potential customers whom we didn't precisely turn away but presented with the grim vision of things to come and who knew when to fold 'em. it's so much better for them to return on a different night and have a good time than to add to the chaos and i thank them for understanding that.

and we try as much as possible to take nights like last night and autopsy them. see what happened and try to talk it out to see what can be done to improve the situation. so rest assured we don't shake a night like that off and hope for the best the next night; we do try to learn from our mistakes.

so... that happened.

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