07 December 2010

06Dec- The Eyrie Vineyards is finally available for me to sell!
seriously, i can't quite tell you how excited i am by this.
i've been following eyrie for a few years now and it is, by far, the wine to which i respond most viscerally. not only for having had the honor of walking its original vineyards with diana lett but it was the first american made pinot that truly opened my eyes to what is possible on these shores. i'd had domestic pinots i'd enjoyed before but the eyrie vineyards' 2002 reserve bottling grabbed my soul like the first gorgeous burgundy i ever had. character, power, elegance, complexity hiding under the smooth guise of simplicity. it was like drinking the sure, fluid movements of a master pianist's fingers as they ripple across the keys to produce a rich and ethereal music. it was like drinking the shoulder blades of a jungle cat as it calmly stalked its prey. it was like drinking the sure, immediate transition of a mulitlinguist as they move from language to language.

it was, in short, an epiphany.

so. i'm jazzed i can offer an echo of that now in the current releases of their pinot noir, chardonnay, pinot blanc, and pinot gris. i am determined to have on hand, at all times, the selections of theirs my distributor has to offer.

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