03 December 2010

04Dec- new beers
it's important to take stock of oneself, from time to time. sometimes where one comes up lacking is evident and can therefore be changed for the better.
such was the case when i realized i only had 7 beers on the menu the other day. with slow days clutching us most weeks i haven't been able to argue myself into trying new things but, when i saw how stagnant the list was becoming i hung my head in shame.
so i went a bit beer crazy, purchasing cases of 7 new beers, half with restaurant money and half with my own money since i can't be sure if they'll actually sell but i love them all so much i'm happy to drink them if they don't
i'm very excited about everything but two bottles shine in particular: the brew dog paradox macallan. at $20 an 11.2oz bottle it's a lot to ask but what you get is an extraordinary, deep, rich, complex imperial stout at 10%alc/vol. raisins and espresso and a touch of the whiskey barrels in which it's aged. i kind of had to fight a bit just to get these 12 bottles and i'm not liable to see it again for a little while.
the other star is the weyerbacher merry monks' belgian style golden ale. this is such a pure expression of how i recognize belgian ales. great fruit and that awesome yeasty, banana-y nose. little bit of spice. and the best part is that it goes for a song at $5.75. not bad for a 9.3%alc/vol beer that drinks like it costs twice as much.
but we've got 5 more new beers that are all wonderful in their own way. a crisp kolsch. a clean, pear-y amber ale from nantucket. a floral and malty christmas ale from our friends at bell's. an awesome chocolatey scottish ale out of colorado. a fresh tasting strawberry ale from sam smith. i think that's it.
but, man. it'll do.

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