17 September 2010

17Sept- posted the current beer/wine list, etc
i went a tad overboard this week as i bought one interesting wine or beer after another and, until the trucks started showing up today, i thought i'd had it under control. alas, there's simply no room in the fridges for everything, which is a weird problem to have.
however, this is not to imply that any prices will be slashed to relieve inventory. i'm already not making much on several of these beers and wines so, while i wish savings could be passed on to you there are no savings to speak of.

on the plus side, there's just a lot of interesting new things. a really rich, complex, but still fairly bright oak-aged ale from sam smith, for instance. a couple of out-there white blends from oregon. a beautifully lean and serious tasting malbec from argentina. and some bizarre things i bought for myself like a sparkling sauvignon blanc and a red txakoli.

so... that's fun, if people can tear themselves away from the awesome and fun greek festival going on this weekend where i'd certainly be if i weren't working. i'd drift slowly from food booth to food both like a whale collecting grilled, tzatziki-covered krill in its baleen.
but since i cannot wander about the colorful stands of the greek festival yet i've tried to make myself feel better by filling my fridges with awesome beer and wine.

perhaps you can take advantage of my food sublimation, as well

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