21 August 2010

21Aug- heading into our eleventh year
and with four years under our belt at our old location that means, if the restaurant were a child, it'd be about to go into high school.
this, understandably, makes me feel a touch old.
several of our regulars have become friends and it's so odd to see their children grow up. to see personalities evolve and to see them get taller and voices change.
so while i mostly dwell about how old i'm getting and how next year i will have spent half my life in the restaurant, i choose to think about how wonderful it is to have made these friends over the years. how special it is to see children grow up and to know that, in a way, we've had an influence over them. and how great it is that their parents have raised them in such that popping over to the thai restaurant for some calamari or green curry duck is a natural part of their lives.

i shudder when i see parents bring in children and pull out mcdonalds or some such fare to appease them. the opportunity to teach about how much the world has to offer is all around us and i don't believe it's ever too early (or too late) to embrace the opportunities.

within reason.
always within reason....

where was i going with this...
i don't know. sort of a busy week and, with the students back in town we've been seeing a lot of new faces, many young, in the store and it's gratifying to know that we've maintained so many of our old customers (some with kids who are now coming in on their own) but also reaching new crowds. and i like seeing that so many of my new, obscure beers and wines are being ordered. it's gratifying to know that in a little town like this we've not only survived but continue to grow.


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