16 April 2010

16April - oh. and we've got mussels tonight
not a lot, since we're just sort of playing around.

i've suggested cooking the mussels in a brothier version of our pad basil or in our tom kha but it'll ultimately be left up to the kitchen, which hasn't discussed the matter fully.

and while i'm at it, we've got a fantastic new japanese beer in called hitachino nest white ale. it should go beautifully with our food with its refreshing, light body and a gorgeous, perfumey nose.

still have some lenny's r.i.p.a from he'brew, a huge 10%alc dark rye india pale ale that, despite its bigness, is balanced enough to work quite well with things like curries and the pad thai. i bet it'd be great with ginger, too.

a mussel-encrusted shopping cart

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