16 April 2010

16April- missing oregon...
So yesterday i received my eyrie vineyards wine club shipment (one of the better impulsive, expensive long-term decisions i've made in the spur of the excited moment of being there) and i'm putting them down to relax after their long trip. two of them are wines i'm not likely ever to see again and i have to choose my company carefully when it comes to sharing them. the other two i'm comfortable drinking more casually but still, for me, every bottle of eyrie that i drink is special. I have so many wonderful memories associated with their wines and i so look forward to making more.
and today i got a card from jim anderson of patricia green cellars. his visit about a week ago came as a surprise (my rep didn't tell me he was showing up with him) and we tasted through several of his wines. i love getting nerdy about wines, especially oregon wines, and especially with winemakers. his card comes coincidentally as just last night i split a bottle of his croft vineyards pinot noir with some appreciative regulars at the bar. jim's note was very kind and i hope his visit to south carolina was successful and enjoyable.

and then there's some full sail beer at the house our marshall brought back for me from charleston. nothing quite like oregon water. and i've still got some heater allen beers that matt blumhart from walnut city wineworks was kind enough to send me.

i've been to some fun places here and there. i don't know what it is about oregon that grabs me so strongly.

i wonder if columbia is like that for somebody out there. if our beautiful, varied river system shows up in someone's dreams. if our restaurants (if my restaurant) is a treasured memory for someone; an oasis to a traveler. if someone pines for our adluh flour or anson mills grits.
surely someone must.

this was on the one cd (a mixed cd a friend made me)i had with me as i drove through the cascades to get to the pacific

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