09 April 2010

09April - already april, almost may
while i've briefly got internet access at the restaurant i thought i'd distract myself from things i ought to be doing.
where are our late-night dining options? of course, we're guilty of shutting down at 9 on the weekdays but i was certainly surprised to see that goatfeathers' kitchen closes at 9, too. it would seem to me that a bar would be up a little later than the rest of the crowd.
ideas were batted around the bar last night. a late night meat and three would be fun. one gentleman (an interesting law student who appeared well-versed in the ways of wine. hadn't seen him before; hope to see him again. every so often someone will come in who seems to "belong". that chemistry thing i keep talking about.) suggested a taqueria truck, driving around late night. my brother has loved the idea of a late night noodle bar.

where's our les halles? oh, to drive back into town at 1.30am after, say, a show in charlotte and sit down in a comfy place with a bottle of chinon or muscadet. talk about other shows we'd like to see while munching foie gras sauteed with apples, walnuts, and a calvados sauce. then discuss when we should go fishing as we receive the roasted whole fish with olive oil, filleted tableside.

sure would be nice.

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